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Clients, friends, co-workers, people at dinner parties tell me they’d like to buy “stuff” that is more green, but they don’t know where to go or look. I’m no expert where to buy environmentally friendly books, car parts, or clothing, but I do know where I look for things for the home.

For new green building materials, I tell people to start at Natural Built Home. The store is in Minneapolis, and sells flooring, countertops, cabinets, some building materials, tile, sinks, plumbing fixtures, cleaning supplies, paints, plasters, concrete stains, and even offers classes on techniques on how to use the products.

For reused or salvaged architectural products, we frequent Bauer Bros. Salvage (everything you can imagine from gargoyles to tombstones to quarter-sawn oak buffets), Manomin Timber (beautiful old growth timbers from warehouses and grain elevators), and the Reuse Center (trim, cabinetry – a friend bought an entire kitchen worth of beautiful pine cabinets made in Germany there, leaded glass windows, 2X4s, and perhaps even an old red rooster wind vane). You never know what you might find, but if you go to Bauer Bros., go on a weekday dressed (and talking) like a contractor to get the best prices.

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