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Locus returns to the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show in less than a week, March 4-8. We’ve promised to bring back the big black chunk and drop it dead center in the “Green Scene” at the east end of Innovation Avenue, Booth 132.

We’ll be showing some recent work, and participating in the great Home Show social experiment. Imagine a very large elevator, say 300′ X 1,500′, where people try very hard to avoid all eye contact, at least with anyone in sales. Then imagine these very same people trying to quickly scan booths to see if there’s anything of interest (read: free) they can snag before locking eyes – and ending up in a 10-minute conversation – with a very motivated salesperson.

Come see how our intros (“The lack of twin-walled polycarbonate in your life keeping you up at night?” or “Bet you want to know how the use of vinyl billboards can reduce your carbon footprint!”) stack up to the typical sales pitches (“How’s the show? Can I talk to you about astroturf?” or “I’ve got something that’s going to allow you to spend more of your time playing golf.”) Stop by and tell us how we’re doing.

Open until 10pm every day except Sunday. See you there.

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