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NetZero House – The Journey: V1

NetZero House – The Journey: V1
The experience of building your own home stretches beyond the process itself to the sometimes rich relationships that are created along the way. In their search for someone to mill wood from their land for some of the interior features of their house, Mike and Linda came across Tom, “one of those self-reliant, hard-working, resourceful fellows who will probably die on his feet.” Linda continues, “he lives in St Charles and has a little sawmill on the homesite of his farm on the next ridge beyond ours. We took a chunk of boxelder to him to mill to see if it might be a possibility for the “chunk of wood” for the bathroom vanity…..It was a fun couple hours.”
Throughout the project so far, Mike and Linda have intentionally developed relationships with local suppliers and contractors, helping to make their transition from city to country living. I suspect that if Linda’s description of where farmer Tom lives – “on the next ridge beyond ours” – is any indication, she’s already made the switch.

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