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Locus Office – A teaching tool

“It’s starting to get cold”

Come 3:15 each day, as the sun angle sharpens across the office floor, we notice a significant drop in comfort at Locus headquarters in Southwest Minneapolis. Keep in mind that the temp outside has barely crept above 20 these last few days and, as the passing boys with sleds in tow would attest, winter weather is in full swing here in Minnesota.

The consistency of our experience – cold feet precisely at 3:15 – has been so dramatic that I thought I’d check to see if the data correlates. The chart below, from Architectural Graphic Standards, shows that, at our latitude, the heat gain between 3pm and 4pm through south facing windows decreases from 122 units to 3 units. That’s right – there’s 40 times more heat coming into our office at 3pm than there is one hour later at 4pm. Apparently, our feet don’t lie. While we know through our training that this should be the case, the first-hand knowledge gained each day in the office is far more significant and lasting.

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