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Here we are at the NH primaries, where 9 midnight votes cast in tiny Dixville Notch made leading news.

We’ve been bombarded by news from Mitt, Michele & Sons just like everyone else. At lunch today, we decided to do some of our own research on the campaigns. Foreign policy has already been covered in depth, economic plans have been scrutinized; heck, one of the candidates was asked to produce proof he was born in the U.S. We wanted to know something more important to us: how much architectural training did any of them have? A little digging on wikipedia told us not one had been trained as an architect. Not one.

Attorneys, a military man, a doc, and a couple fellows who know how to fire people. Good assets to have on your side when bringing forth a frivolous lawsuit, to be sure, but more inclined to pick a fight than dissolve one.

What would the political spectrum be like if we had more architects in charge?

  • Architects know budgets, and are required to meet them.
  • Architects are well versed in juggling multiple priorities and solving complex problems.
  • Architects resolve conflicts more often than making them.
  • Architects make beautiful things.

At least the good ones.

That’s why you should support our friend Raymond Dehn, who is running for MN State Legislature this year. He’s been a fixture in Twin Cities’ architect’s offices for years, working his magic to create a better city. We want you to meet Ray, and support his campaign.

We’re hosting a meet-n-greet fundraiser for his campaign at the Locus studio on January 19th, 6:30-8:00 p.m. Missing this is pretty much like a vote for the status quo!

An excerpt from Ray’s website:

I am running for the Minnesota House of Representatives because our politics have become increasingly polarized, to the point that winning is more important than doing what is right for the people of our community and our great State of Minnesota.

I am seeking the DFL endorsement for House District 58B because the people of our district need a Representative who can build broad coalitions to move our community forward. We need experienced leadership and new strategies to improve all people’s lives.

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