LOCUS Architecture crafts meaningful architecture for clients who care about their spaces and what they represent. We're true to our passions - human participation, innovative construction, and beautiful spaces - without being beholden to restrictions of style or trend.  We’re probably the only firm within a 4-hour drive of the Twin Cities with partners who designed and built their own homes, and practiced sustainability 10 years before LEED, and led clients to create visioning exercises specifically tailored to them, and climbed through junk yards with clients searching for the perfect patina, and camped with students while building structures for kids in Katrina-ravaged Biloxi, and compiled 50 years-worth of traditional and alternative building experience, and organized free lectures on relationship based creativity, and commuted to work regularly by bicycle, with a wall of design awards to give us credibility. Why trust us to create better experiences for you? Because we excel in creating them ourselves.