conceptual SERIES (OUTREACH)



Buildings keep out the rain. Architecture, done well, enhances the experience of life. LOCUS projects choreograph space, light, context, materials, and craftsmanship in the service of improving human experience – those of our clients, and the members of the communities in which they live.  The broad perspective we’ve gained from acting as homeowner, woodworker, carpenter, general contractor, and property developer gives us the unique empathy to stand in our clients’ shoes – then create reality from the seemingly impossible.  We’ve been identified as visionaries, a brand we welcome. Great spaces begin with intense vision. Our experience ensures this intensity takes form within budgets.  We’ve been called modern, green, innovative, inquisitive, altruistic, efficient, ahead of our time, socially conscious, magical, scrappy, unconventional, exquisite detailers, and even “hillbilly chic.” We can’t imagine hiring an architect who isn’t. Without those abilities, we’d only be qualified to keep out the rain.