As a result of the jog at the street grid, the building presents a prominent south facade to travelers headed north and park users alike. Instead of “just another infill lot” in a neighborhood to be traversed, the south facade of the home acts as a terminus to the view. With a wrap around porch overhang and featuring a warm natural wood siding, the most public corner of the home is drawing from the historical neighborhood context and updating these classic elements in a modern way. The ground floor of the south facade also prominently features glass with operable windows thereby presenting a welcoming attitude to the park across the street and the city beyond.  While most of the basic footprint of this homes remains, every surface of the building was altered to reflect the sensibilities of the family and indicate a modern but playful architectural form. Featuring a completely new roofline - moving away from a gable roof to a shed style, re-siding the entire home and adding a finishing touch with a pink door all work together to create a distinctive home. As a result of added square footage for a completely new family room in the lower level, kitchen and dining space at the main level, master suite and laundry room above, it was necessary to provide stout structure for the additional space. Rather than attempt to hide the needed structure, we decided to expose a steel beam and column prominently in the living space. Working alongside the clients, we also designed an exposed steel bench structure with barn wood along the living room wall at the south facade working in concert with the structure.
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