A public gesture is unselfish, beneficial, and thoughtful. Worthy public architecture synthesizes these three, a high standard most buildings aren’t designed to meet.

We believe experiences are more memorable than objects, but admittedly more difficult to measure. We expect our public work - be it for leisure, commerce, or human interaction - to service our client as well as our community. We specialize in experiences, no matter the type of project, as we feel all projects have the potential for significance. Our design approach is the same for all our work - it must meet our standard of design and enable our clients to enhance what they already do.

Whether organizing workshops, teaching teams about the process of building, hosting lectures on collaboration, designing a park shelter, acting as a developer on our own projects, or creating a dynamic environment for a circus arts school, we bring enthusiasm to making architecture worthy of the label “public."

We offer a one-day brainstorm package to prospective public clients, described in the text under Worship.

Our public projects have been featured in regional and national magazines and received numerous awards (both from our peers and those outside our field).  We've also lectured about our work locally and abroad - from the University of Minnesota to Target Corporation.