At our first meeting, one of the homeowner’s children boasted, “The man who invented the pop-up toaster built this house.” It was fitting that a remodeled kitchen with all the latest gadgets was on the program for this home along Minnehaha Creek.  After working with another architect on a more traditional front porch facing the creek, the homeowners asked Locus to reimagine the back in a more modern style. “We want to get rid of the warren of added rooms, niches, and corridors of the various additions, redo the kitchen, and update the upper level back bedroom. Open it all up with glass everywhere to open to our garden.” After looking at a handful of options that had distinct rooms, we all agreed a wide open room would be the most flexible, offering their family of seven (plus two new dogs) plenty of space to spread out. The surgical insertion of a 25-foot 1,500-pound steel beam provided the heft to make it all possible. High performance triple-pane glazing keeps the living space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. After all, you don’t want cold toast in this house.
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