In 2006, Locus founders Paul Neseth and Wynne Yelland (along with two other partners) acquired a brownfield site in Northeast Minneapolis with the intention of designing and building a sustainable office building. The proposed design involved 40,000 square feet of sustainable commercial condominium space that would allow like-minded businesses the chance to control their future and invest in the promise of sustainable building.

We collaborated with the City of Minneapolis on the project until it was postponed during the recession. While never constructed, the concept of Red Square remains a forward-thinking way of providing small businesses with their own real estate.

Pulling from the heritage of the Northeast Arts District in Minneapolis, the building’s façade recalls the color of the prevalent reinvented brick warehouse buildings in the area, while a planted green screen provides a vertical reinterpretation of the scrappy, yet open, weedlot of the site. The building’s name has created a bit of a stir, yet it is simply a reference to the building’s south façade – which is – a red square.