The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, along with Sandcastle’s owners, requested a restaurant and “terrace pavilion” that respected the historical context of the original 1930’s refectory while producing a destination restaurant unique to its site and time. We fulfilled this request with notable features, such as deep roof eaves, overhead serving doors and a T-shaped plan. Historical elements are complimented by a modern, minimal treatment of the facades and the addition of a sweeping trellis.

The colors of the facade are derived from the restaurant’s logo. At first glance, the siding is seen as a flat blue color, however, as one gets closer or the sun angle changes, the complimentary orange color emerges to produce complex and unexpected results. The north facade slatting covers a translucent wall and transforms the building from opaque (day) to light-emitting (night).

The terrace pavilion’s edge is defined by a curved seating rail and trellis. In a gentle arc that recalls the lake edge just beyond, the new pavilion maximizes seating along the shoreline, providing a dining experience unique among the restaurants throughout the Minneapolis Park system.