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Our Mission

Risk takers change the world. Every day we strive to uplift humans through our core values.




locus office

Our current office located at 4453 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis MN is an example of urban renewal. Standing on the grounds of what used to be an abandoned gas station, the Locus office is a welcoming space designed for communication and collaboration.


We revitalized a run-down corner lot on Nicollet Avenue into our new home office. With design and construction experience, we team gutted the existing building and integrated a modern addition that adheres to the existing neighborhood scale. The asphalt parking lot was replaced with native grasses, aspen trees and green space. The exterior was repainted to Hamilton Blue, lit at night with LEDs that showcase a City of Lakes mural by local artist, Sara Herman. Rain water is captured from the roof and stored in a reclaimed, 250 gallon tank or recharged into the ground via a rain garden. The south facing deck serves as a ‘stage’ for neighborhood events.

Modern touches were integrated into the original brick interior, such as a custom barn door and reclaimed douglas fir table. Windows at the south provide passive solar heating along with a bright and open interior. Windows at the north and west provide balanced, natural daylight.


LOCUS Architecture crafts meaningful architecture for clients who care about their spaces and what they represent. We're true to our passions - human participation, innovative construction, and beautiful spaces - without being beholden to restrictions of style or trend. We’re probably the only firm within a 4-hour drive of the Twin Cities with partners who designed and built their own homes. We practiced sustainability 10 years before LEED, led clients to create visioning exercises specifically tailored to them, and climbed through junk yards with clients searching for the perfect patina. We camped with students while building structures for kids in Katrina-ravaged Biloxi, compiled 50 years-worth of traditional and alternative building experience, and organized free lectures on relationship based creativity. With a wall of design awards to give us credibility, why trust us to create better experiences for you? Because we excel in creating them ourselves.


open door policy

If we’re having an open house or if you’re in the neighborhood, come stop by our office on Nicollet Ave.