SAM is a product of Locus’ 40 years of hands-on experience designing, building, and experimenting in the country’s harshest climate. Insulated for brutal weather, built to last years without maintenance, using techniques familiar to carpenters, SAM delivers on the promise of modular construction without sacrificing beauty. 

SAM capitalizes on the benefits of both platform framing and pre-fab, without the drawbacks. Stick-built structures benefit from the collective knowledge of a million U.S. carpenters. 

Factory-built structures benefit from a controlled environment, the efficiencies of mass production, and isolation from weather. 

SAM uses pre-manufactured trusses familiar to builders. Part manufactured, part stick built, sam is quickly erected. The design provides a dry and durable construction enclosure with superior insulation, minimizing costs without displacing labor. 

SAM is Sustainable for a better world, Attainable to serve budgets, using Modern ingenuity to improve the way buildings are delivered.

We participated in The Form + Content Gallery show Unbundling the Housing Crisis co-curated by our friend Jay Isenberg.  We created one of eight works by multi-disciplinary teams investigating the housing crisis of the late 2000s.  Our entry, “PPoD” led to LOCUS’ SAM concept - a sustainable, attainable, and modern kit home.  PPoD (“peapod”) offered a common sense alternative to typical housing and conventional lending, a flexible housing system allowing owners to buy and sell pieces of their homes over time.  We were lucky to collaborate with former client Paul Guthrie of Toss Film + Design in the production of our film and exhibit.