In 2008, UUCM asked us to help them navigate a rezoning process with the City of Wayzata to assist them in moving to a new home on a lot adjacent to I-394. Over the next eight years, we assisted and coordinated Master Planning, defining their goals and mission, identifying goals, programming and site analysis, wetland delineation, design, massing studies, parking and traffic impact water access, variance and zoning applications, legal support in a lawsuit they brought against the City of Wayzata

(for discrimination via zoning), site planning, building design, civil engineering and landscape design, interstate sound and light impact, budgeting, and construction administration.

During the long process, congregation members remained upbeat and positive about the group’s end goal, an open daylit space and flexible site design that reflected their love and desired uses of the site. We designed the building to focus on a view, in this case, a wooded southern wetland.